Design better outcomes for your business

We know how tough it is to make an idea real. Fortunately we also know how to make it easier.

We partner with businesses who need strategic design skills to meet their short term goals, and help them establish the capabilities, systems and work practices needed to enable long term success.

Tailor made design services for emerging and innovative businesses

We love a good design process as much as the next guy but we know that when you’re starting out you need to be lean and flexible. You need the right people and tools, not a rigid approach.

Substance have a huge toolkit to draw on and the experience needed to build the right approach for your where your business is at today.


We use a range of design research methods from early stage exploration through to concept and usability testing to uncover user behaviours and business contexts.


We work with partners to develop a strategic approach to product design and development that is aligned with business milestones and desired outcomes.

Design & production

We apply your ideas and research to create or guide the development of experience design assets that meet the fidelity requirements of your team or problem that needs solving.

Product management

We can help you implement the systems, work practices and processes that are needed to to run an effective lean product design team.

A core part of our product team.

Product advice from Substance connects the dots between our vision and the complex backend. They are committed to helping us reach our goals and their contribution goes well beyond user experience and product management support
Shannon Stoddart - Founder - Media Register

Design & capability building

Substance have implemented a more strategic approach to how we operate as a product team. They understand what we’re trying to achieve as a business and how to best align our approach to meet these objectives. They have played a vital role in helping define and deliver our MVP to market.
John Walton - Pickle - Founder / Director

Leadership with substance

We're a small team who knows how to get big things done.

Nick McCauley – Strategy director

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Anthony Ditton – Design director

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